Sunday, April 26, 2009

Legacy 5k Race Report

I ran the Legacy 5k in Markham this morning. It is in my neighbourhood, so I am very familiar with the race route and was close enough to walk to the start line. Can't get better than that!

Since I've been preparing myself to enter the world of triathlon, I haven't been focusing on running faster. No speedwork. I've been running 2-3x per week with a long run of 10k, which is less than I have done in the past. Still, with swimming and cycling as cross-training, I figured that I am still in OK shape. Goal for this race was 27:xx (previous PB was 26:33 from 2007).

Rain. POURING RAIN. It must have made me run faster. Lots of dodging at the beginning (gotta love community races where the kids sprint ahead, only to walk 500m later), but I settled in after about 1km.


Chip time: 26:14

The last km was thanks to a kid running ahead of me. He looked to be about 9 years old, and I would NOT let him beat me. So, I sprinted ahead of him.

There were some technical issues with the finish line, so my official time did not show up at first. I e-mailed them with my bib number and time by my Garmin, and they found me and added my official time. Not sure if they have updated all of the finishers now, but I am currently sitting 5/73 in my age group, which I am pretty darned happy about! And, it's a new PB for me :)

Next weekend is Sporting Life!


Marlene said...

Congrats on the PB!

Jon in Tokyo said...

Well done on the PB...great effort...Keep it up.

Jon in Tokyo said...

Well done on the PB...great effort...Keep it up.

Cliff said...

Way to beat the 9 yr old :D..j/k..congrats

Marci said...

Congratulations on your PB!!

Mike said...

If it helps with you goal setting for the triathlon, I recently achieved a PB of 22:27 in a 5K and then ran 24:30 for the 5K leg of a sprint triathlon. So expect to run about 2 minutes slower in the tri from your 5K PB time. By the way, I too had to sprint at the end to beat a little kid, but at least he helped me to set a great PB, although I felt like a bully because he took five steps for every one of mine.