Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sporting Life 10k Race Report

DH and I at the start line.

This race usually falls a week before my spring marathon or half marathon. I've run it once before, but I took it easy and ran with DH (non-runner). I've always wondered what I could do on this fast course.

Today I found out.

- guy running in front of me in a puffy vest and cargo pants answers phone. "Where am I? I'm running a marathon on Yonge st!"
- that's 5k in 26:12...ummm, that's a 5k PB!
- oh carp, I am screwed for the next 5k!
- oh ya, this is the shirt that chafes under my arms. OW!!!
- who do i think i am trying to run this fast anyways? blech...I feel like vomiting!
- i have nothing left! couldn't even accelerate to the finish line like i normally do.

Chip time: 52:30. PB by almost 2 minutes!
Age group: 222/1078

WHAT?? My goal was a PB (sub 54:24) and my secret whisper goal was sub 54:00. I never, never thought that I would do 52:30. I am thrilled, but that's going to be tough to beat next time ;)

I ran my first 10k race 4 years ago in 1:04:40. It feels great to see my progress :)


Run Sarah said...

Congrats - what an awesome PR!! Love the photo of you and DH.

Cliff said...

good race :)

Jon in Tokyo said...

Well done,thats a great effort.

Marlene said...

This is definitely a great race to push yourself. Congrats on the huge PB!

Marci said...

Great job, congrats on your PR!

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to look at the finishers medal and wonder where the women were?

My first ever 10 K. I'm 55 and started running nine months ago for the first time in my life. I really appreciated the 'down hill' aspect. I finished in just over 69 minutes and was THRILLED.

Congrats on the PB. Guess this was my PB too!