Friday, May 08, 2009

Where is the speed coming from?

I keep saying that I haven't been running much. I really haven't. I'm barely cracking 50 km/month these days. I am used to running 100 km/month, or more if I am training for a half or full. But, in the past two weeks I have run faster 5k and 10k times than I did when I was training more and doing speedwork. So, where is the speed coming from?

I am tri training, but I am being lazy about it. Ideally, I should be doing two workouts each of running, biking and swimming every week. I'm only doing four, maybe five workouts per week if I am lucky. Runs up to 10k, biking up to one hour and swimming up to 1200m. I'm also about 5lbs heavier right now than I usually am. So does cross training make me faster?

Well, I am also walking my furbaby twice a day. That's about 40-60min of walking everyday (and I've still gained weight?? hmph!). She's strong and she pulls me down the street. Is that making me faster?

Is it psychological? I didn't expect to be able to run fast, so I just let myself run. Do I run better when there is no pressure? This is the first year since I started running in which I did not set a goal of "I want to run a __km race in __:__ this year."

I don't know. I'm not complaining, but it still baffles me :)


Marlene said...

Your pup is getting so big!

My guess is that it's the 'no pressure' aspect of your running. Keep it up!

Cliff said...

something interest.

I think when we run faster, we run more ks. However, just b/c we run more ks doesn't imply we run faster.

As you build your aerobic base from one season to the next, the 'long' milegae you had been running in the previous seasons do have a factor in you running faster.

Many times, runners find their PB after a season of injury where they have to train less. One thought is that they are not as tired and beat themselves to much when they train. When they train less,they are fresher on race day.

Perhaps less is better than more :)

Sonia said...

Lily is so cute!! I just want to kiss her little face!!

I am so jealous of all your PBs!!!! Enjoy don't even think about it!

Marci said...

I don't know where its coming from, but can I have some?! Pllleeassse!! :)