Saturday, May 16, 2009

First time tri-er nerves

My tri is coming up in just 3 weeks!!

I am starting off with a super sprint (called a give-it-a-tri at this event). The distance is 300m swim, 10km bike, 2km run. I am not worried about completing the distance. I am nervous about the open water swim and transition. Once that is over, I should be fine. Granted, I am not the fastest on the bike, but I am not out there to win, after all!

Luckily, I have some Running Mania friends who are experienced triathletes, and have done the Lakeside tri. I have asked questions about what to wear, what is the water like, what is the distance from the water to the transition, am I going to be running over rocks, etc. I think that I will try to pick up a tri suit to wear for the race. It seems like the most convenient option, since I can wear it for the entire race. I'm not comfortable with the thought of swimming in my running bra, or worse yet, trying to put one on in transition (do people do that??).

Oh wait. I do have concerns about the bike. What if it rains? I avoid biking in the rain. I am afraid of wiping out on the slippery road. And I still don't know anything about my bike. If anything goes wrong, I wouldn't know how to fix it. I guess this is not such a big deal on a 10k bike course, though...

I hope I can do this!


Marlene said...

Of course you can do it!!!

I would have all of the same concerns, but I don't have a tri on the horizon so no help here.

Cliff said...

If it rains, u can run the 10 k :).and run the 2 k after :D

haha jokes...don't worry. U will do fine. Just get in a few open water swim before actual race day ;o)

Sonia said...

Knowing you, you're going to KICK ASS!!!! Rain or not! I have full confidence in your abilities GF!!

Freckles said...

I have only done 2 try a tris but loved Lakeside! If not for my cast I would come do it with you (ok, ok behind you since you are speedy!) but I think I will try to come out to cheer you on.

You will do wonderful!

Marci said...

Good luck, and I'm sure you will do great! I am excited for you.. never done any tri before, so I'd love to read your thoughts about the whole experience.