Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Temporarily out of commission

I'm sick at home with a cold. And bored. So I guess there's nothing much to do but blog!

I started feeling really tired around the middle of last week, then woke up on Saturday with a very sore throat. I've pretty much spent the last three days in bed with congestion and extreme fatigue. I also had a fever for a brief while, so that crushed any hopes of getting a workout in. I did a short run last Thursday, but that's all I've done in the past week. I certainly don't want to go to the pool until my congestion is cleared up...no need to spread my germs around!

I hope that I'm at least well enough to leave the house by tomorrow, though. I am going batty sitting at home doing nothing. I've managed to take Lily out for a few short walks, but I don't have much energy to play with her in the yard. Poor puppy seems confused that Mommy is at home, but won't play with her.

I'm not usually sick for this long. I hope it goes away soon!


Marlene said...

Get well soon!

Freckles said...

Get better soon!

Marci said...

Feel better soon!