Saturday, May 30, 2009

Panic time?

Okay, I am still sick. And starting to panic a little.

I haven't done any workouts in over a week, and I haven't been in the pool in 2 weeks. I have enough experience with running to know that I'll be okay, but I am worried about swimming and biking. My tri is in 8 days! I'm not sure if I will even get a chance to get into the pool before then.

I haven't tried out my tri suit in the pool.

I haven't practiced transitions.

I haven't done any open water swimming.

I don't know when I will be well enough to get a workout done. Currently, any form of exertion beyond a short dog walk causes a coughing fit.


I'm not sure this is going to happen.


Marlene said...

So sorry to read that you're still sick. :(

Freckles said...

I know you will make the best choice for yourself. I am sorry you are still sick. You can practice putting on the wetsuit and taking it off at home. You can go early that day and try it out in the water. People are super friendly at these events and I know Lakeside was very well laid out so you can't go too wrong (believe me I ran the wrong way at Milton...hehe).

I still plan to come cheer. Last year I got there way early - toooooooooo early- so had a lot of time to check out the lay of the land and get used to the lake.

Whatever you do I totally support you.

Marci said...

Hope you are able to get better in time!!

Kelodie said...

Being sick sucks. :(

Don't worry too much about practicing transitions and such. I don't think your goal is to win the race and so not having practiced will only slow you down by a few seconds or minutes at most.

At this point, what matters is that you complete the first one. After that, you'll have plenty of time to improve.

Of course, if you're still really sick, maybe it won't be a good idea to do it... but lots of recovering can happen in 8 days.

Cliff said...

u do realize there are other tris along the way :P..first hting first...get well soon!

chris mcpeake said...

Being sick sucks, get better soon you will be racing in no time. Like the blog