Saturday, June 06, 2009

Eve of my tri debut

Thank you for the encouragement, everyone! I am about 95% healthy now. I managed to get a short swim and a brick done this week. I'm glad that I did a little dress rehearsal with my tri suit. The only thing that I haven't done is an open water swim. Gulp. Well, no time now. I'm going to have to wing it!

I had a little panic attack this morning as I tried to figure out what I need to bring. It's a 2 hour drive, so I need food. I went shopping today and came home with:

Peanut butter, bread, Clif bars and Gatorade. Hey, DH needs his energy too...he's going the driving and photo taking! I also bought a bib number belt with a little pocket for stuff...very cool. I might have to use this for my running events too.

Then I packed the following items in my bag:

Helmet, water bottle, sunglasses, goggles, hair elastics, towel, extra shirt, sunblock, body glide, socks, Garmin, road ID.

I also packed a change of clothes, an extra towel and an extra pair of goggles.

And this is what I am wearing. Hopefully the water is not too cold.

Oh right, can't forget the bike and runners, too ;) And I will pick up my swim cap and bib when I get there.

This tri stuff is complicated!

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Freckles said...

eeeek! when I saw you had a new post I thought it might be a race report. I am so excited to hear how it all went.