Tuesday, November 01, 2005

daily log...yes, i feel like a log :P

This morning, I woke up reluctantly at 5am, ate a Luna bar, and dragged myself downstairs to the gym (yes, I am spolied to live in a condo with a free gym). I planned to run 4 miles (6.44km...treadmill measures in miles). I think I ran the first 20 min or so half asleep. Then, the endorphins kicked in and I easily completed my 4.12 mile, 48 min run.

I tried to eat healthy today because I am going to St. Louis for chicken wing lunch tomorrow. Bagel for breakfast, tuna sandwich and fruit for lunch, spinach salad and pasta for dinner. Oh, and one of Ivy's oatmeal cookies :)

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Cliff said...

St Louis wings and ribs..hmm sound like a runner's diet to me :D