Thursday, November 24, 2005

New shoes

After my treadmill run yesterday, I decided that my once beloved Asics Gel Nimbus VII's had reached the end of their running life. I bought them just after my birthday with the help of a Running Room gift certificate that my sister so kindly gave me. At $180, they were the most expensive shoes of any kind that I had ever bought. And they only lasted me 3.5 months. Hmm. I noticed in the past few months that I was getting pain in places that I didn't usually get pain...mostly in my hips and the outsides of my feet. I wondered if my gait had changed as a result of my feet flattening. So, into the Running Room I went to chat with a sales associate. Have I mentioned that there is a store literally just downstairs and around the corner from me? Perfect. Anyways, it turned out that my feet and gait had changed, and I should be moving from a cushioning shoe to a stability shoe. I settled on the Asics Gel Empire...not as flashy as the Nimbus, but probably much better for my feet (and knees and hips...). Another $180 down the drain. Hopefully I can make these last more than 3.5 months...but since I will be in marathon training soon, that might not be possible.

Update: wasn't feeling so great today, but I couldn't resist testing the shoes out. Did a little 2-miler on the treadmill....felt great! :D


Anonymous said...

nice shoes! can you buy me a pair too?

Cliff said...

They look like the ones I am wearing Asics Gel 1100.

I am glad u ask for help instead of trying to run it off.