Sunday, December 25, 2005

Santa supports my marathon running

Santa was very good to me this year:
2 MEC gift certificates
1 adias running outfit
1 fuel belt with
6 fuel bottles
1 Marathon: the ultimate training guide book, by Hal Hidgon
1 Garmin forerunner 301 GPS training computer/heart rate monitor!!!!
(Thanks El, Karen, G and Tony :D )

Now I have all of the hardcore runner gear. I am officially a hardcore runner. I guess this means...2006 with be the year that I run my first marathon ;)

Alright, a few non-running notes...I am officially on vacation and not running, although it is very tempting for me to go for a run to test out my Garmin ;) Tony and I are staying in Morrisville, VT close to Stowe Mountain and Smuggler's Notch. Yesterday, we skiied on Stowe. It is a pretty high-class resort. The size does not compare to Whistler-Blackcomb (but the prices do...ack!), but there is a good variety of trails and plenty of intermediate runs for us. I stupidly tried to be ambitious and tried a black diamond run. I spent far more time on my butt than on my skis. Narrow, steep and bumpy. I can't handle bumps. Other skiers who passed by asked me if I was okay. If I am struggling with a run, my pattern will usually go like this: turn, turn, fall. On this run, it was more like, fall, fall, fall, turn...fall. Aiya. Tony was sweet and stayed behind me. I was pretty impressed that he didn't run into me. My most spectacular fall, however, came on a blue run. On a steeper part of the run, I got my skis crossed and hit a bump...and went flying, landing in a faceplant. Tony had stayed a bit further back and missed seeing me fly through the air.

Battered and bruised (at least I was), we decided to take it easy today and do a half day at Smuggler's Notch. It is more of a family resort than Stowe. The lifts are mostly 2-person chairs, I think, and slower...except when you are loading. The chairs don't slow down. I squealed everytime I got on a lift as it swept us up. When unloading, the chairs don't get as close to the ground as I am used to. On one occasion, I slid off the chair a second too late and got some air time....before landing on my butt. Great.

Sore, but not broken...I think I have another day of skiing in me before the trip is over :)

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