Thursday, December 29, 2005

Today I ran....twice!

Tony and I got back from Vermont last night. What a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Our last day of skiing came after a day of rain and < -10deg temperatures, turning the mountain slopes into ice. Needless to say, I quit a bit early. I noticed that most of the skiier wore helmets in Vermont. I am used to seeing snowboarders and young skiers wearing helmets, but not your average adult skier. I guess that the trend is going towards safety, which is great. Note to self: buy a helmet before next ski trip.

After a week of no running, I was anxious to get back to it and test out my Garmin. I went to work today and Ivy and I decided to run to Kiem Bo for lunch (after ensuring that other co-workers would be there to drive us back. Running on a full stomach is not good). Garmin reported 16 mins, 2.15 km. My heart rate is too high. I tend to run in Zone 4 (around 160-170 bpm), even though I don't think I'm going very fast. Oh well...that may just be because the conditions are difficult (cold and ice) and I am wearing extra clothes (= extra weight). I wolfed down my beef and veggie stir fry on rice...mmm... Being on vacation in a small town also meant no good asian food...I really started to crave rice after a couple of days.

Not satisfied with my 2.15 km, I ran again after work. The sidewalks were a bit icy, but I went without my YakTrax. I ran 5.10 km this time. Total so far this month: 104.91 km.

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Cliff said...

A helmet is a good idea.

Gotta watch out for those newbie snowboarders who can't control themselves..

Great run this month....see u next year.