Sunday, February 19, 2006

almost LSD deja vu

After not running for a week, for some reason I was afraid that I would lose my base. I should have known that you don't lose your base that quickly. Today's LSD: 19 km (RR) or 7 miles(~11.5km, Higdon). I chose the shorter distance as another test for my shoulder. Once again, I ran through the streets of Surrey. I got a lot of looks...perhaps runners are not very common in this neighbourhood. Indeed, I did not see a single fellow runner out there today. It was a mild -3deg when I started, and probably a few degrees warmer by the time I finished (my mom thinks it's cold...I told her that it was -20 in Toronto today :P ). No problems throughout my run, except near the end when it was almost deja vu...I stumbled (over nothing! flat ground!) but caught myself and avoided a fall. I had to laugh at myself...years of figure skating apparently did not take the klutz out of me. 12k today.

February mileage to date: 91km.

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G said...

Hey! Didn't know you were going back to Vancouver...