Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ad Hoc training

So here is my fuel belt. According to their website, a size medium fits a 30-32" waist. I measured mine. The total length is 34", and when the velcro is fully attached, the overlap is about 5". Supposedly, when you fill the bottles and place it in the belt, the weight causes the belt to expand...but what about when you have drunk all the fluids?? Hehe. Alright, so the belt should be the right size for me...if I am not wearing layers of clothes and I want to wear it on my high waist, which is more like the middle of my chest :P So, maybe a large would have been more comfortable for me. Oh well...I will make do with it!

I did 6 km on the treadmill this morning. Supposed to be a tempo run, but I only ran the last 10 mins sort-of fast. This is my ad-hoc training...training to how I feel. I am going to complete the distances given in either RR's or Higdon's schedule as best I can, but as for the hills and speed workouts...screw it. I am going for distance not speed. Tentatively, I think that I will finish the marathon in around 4:30, provided that the next 8 weeks go well. But really, my ultimate goal is just to cross the finish line upright :)


Cliff said...

I hope you reserve one bottle for alochol so u can drink it as u cross the finish line :)

For gel, are you planning on using a flask or individual packing??

jennifer said...

You have the right idea of focussing on distance rather than speed. If you run a hard fast run and then can't get in the distance for the rest of the week, that defeats the whole purpose, right?

Good luck with the long run this week. I did 28K on Sunday and it was really tough. I'm not looking forward to more of these. :(