Wednesday, March 15, 2006

annoyance and more ad hoc training

I am annoyed because of my weight. Usually, it fluctuates by 3-4 lbs, but lately it has been hovering around the high end. Grr. So this is what running 40+ km per week is getting me?? Okay, I guess I haven't been watching what I am eating as carefully as I used to...but I don't exactly pig out on junk food either. Cookies, donuts and other sweets are no longer part of my vocabulary. My weaknesses are chips and other salty, greasy foods. But I haven't been eating a lot of those, either. Maybe I should be looking at portion control...

Today the winds in Toronto were 50+ km/h, with gusts reaching over 70 km/h. Ummm, not the best day for an outdoor run. So I swapped my semi-long run today for my 8 km Thursday run (on the treadmill). Hopefully the weather will be okay tomorrow, or I will be doing my semi-long run (12 km) on the treadmill too..borrrrring!

Total mileage this month to date: 89 km.

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