Thursday, March 16, 2006

crazy running

It was about 0deg today I headed out for my semi-long run. It was a little windy, which probably brought the temperature down to -3 or so. I decided to run along the Sheppard subway line today...from Yonge st to Don Mills and back. I figured that it would be about 12 km. It turned out to be less than 11 km, but the extra bit I did up and down Yonge st brought my total to 11.4 km. The route was not easy. There are short, steep hills and long gradual hills. And, doing an out and back route meant that I had to do the hills twice! However, unlike last week, the hills were not a problem for me today. It was like the spirit of someone much stronger than me took over my body...I ran with such ease, it was like I was running on a completely flat route. At one point, I was running up a hill and didn't even realize it! Okay, I have to admit that I wasn't wearing my heart rate monitor, so I didn't have that cue screaming at me to slow down. All I knew was how my legs felt, and they felt very strong on the hills. It was great.

I stopped at the Running Room at the end of my run to buy some gel. I was sniffling from the cold, yet sweating profusely. I am sure the staff were amused (or disgusted). Anyways, I ended up buying a BigBoom, containing 24 gel shots, and a flask with a holder that clips on to my fuel belt. MMMmmMMMmmM!!

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Cliff said...

I love Carb-Boom. I finish one of those big bottle in two weeks. Sometimes I take one or two in the morning before I train.