Saturday, March 18, 2006

LLLSD...I'm in new territory now

I was really dreading my LSD today. Particularly since the day started off so cold. It was windy again, with flurries. I decided that I was going to do 25 km or 3 hours, whichever came first. The longest that I have run is a half marathon or 2.5 hours. So, I was venturing into new territory. I didn't want to. The weather was hardly ideal. I waited until the afternoon, but the winds were still about 30-40 km/h, bringing the temperature down to about -4deg. I started off trying to follow a route that I downloaded from my local RR store, but I got a bit worry, because the route was only 16k anyways. I needed to do more. So I improvised a little. Hills and wind were unavoidable. I stuck to 10 and 1's, and squirted gel into my mouth every 20-30 min or so (not a full shot of course). It seemed to tide me over well...I am glad that I bought the gel bottle. Much more convenient than the little packets, which have to be taken all at once. I didn't get hungry or run of of gas during the run, but my legs started to ache at the 2-hour mark. At that point, I started to take my run 10 minutes at a time. I told myself, "if it's really unbearable after 10 minutes, you can stop." I didn't stop. I ran for 2:56 and covered about 24.5km. The longest that I have ever run, in terms of both time and mileage. And I did it in cold and windy conditions! I can definitely classify myself as crazy now ;)

Tried to upload my running route, but it doesn't seem to be working...I'll try again later. Flying out to Calgary tomorrow to watch the World Figure Skating Championships with my aunt, so I'm not sure if I will be updating next week.

Total mileage this month to date: 125 km!

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Cliff said...

You go girl. 3 hr run is fun once the weather warms up :).