Monday, March 27, 2006

more LSD fun

Got back from Calgary last night. Saw some good skating and some not-so-good...I wish that the Canadians could have done better in front of the home crowd. Oh well. Anyways, I had a great time with my aunt. Some days we were sitting in the Saddledome for more than 12 hours though. Sitting there all day made me snack...a lot. I did get a few runs in...the first time, I tried to run through downtown. Big mistake...too many street lights caused me to stop every block. So that was a bust. I went to the Talisman centre twice to run. They had a 200m running track as well as treadmills. I did a 60min run on the track one day and a 90 min track-treadmill-track run the other day. Breaking up the monotony with the treadmill in between was good.

I took an extra day off work today to recover from my trip...recover with my long run. I went down to the Lakeshore/Martin Goodman trail today. Saw lots of other runners, but no one with the loaded fuel belt like me. I must have looked a little crazy. It was about 10 degrees today and some people were wearing T-shirts and shorts. I had track pants over my shorts and considered leaving them in the car...but in the end was glad I wore them. One, because of the breeze by the water and two, because a bird decided to relieve itself on my pants! I didn't notice until I got home. Yuck. I ran for 3:14:15!!! I ran at a very very slow pace and covered just under 26km. It started to get painful after 2 hours. Between 2 and 3 hours, I had to concentrate on just putting one foot in front of the other. Once I passed 3 hours, I felt better and was able to pick up the pace a bit.

Total mileage this month to date: 177km. This could be a 200km month!!

47 days until the Mississauga marathon :)


Cliff said...

Crap..and i mean CRAP :)

U think ppl look at u....when i was doing my LSD..i had two 750 bottles on my belt. It si like i am going to the desert or something.

jennifer said...

Good work, anners!
I have hit the 'new territory' too, and these runs are definitely tough. But so good for the training and for the soul.

I just caught up on your last few posts... I too and hovering on the high side of my weight range, and I'm up to almost 70K/week... it's frustrating! I don't want to gain weight for the marathon-- that will just add time. But I seem to be always hungry-- it's so hard while training.

Anyway, keep up the good work!!