Friday, March 31, 2006

March mileage

Totals for March:

Distance: 202.73 km
Time: 24:02

So, it's like I ran for a whole day...haha :) I am very pleased with my new high mileage total and am celebrating with some wings and beer today ;)

I decided to do a gentle 6k on the treadmill today instead of forcing the 8k. My legs feel kinda dead from all of the outdoor concrete/asphalt pounding. I don't like running on grass or trails though...I have weak ankles, and I feel unstable on soft surfaces.

A scary thought crossed my mind...I noticed in the signatures of one of the RR forum posters that there's an ultramarathon in TO in May. So, I looked it up and bookmarked the Ontario ultra website. My scary thought? "Hm, if I can complete a marathon, a 50k race isn't far off from that..." Ack! Somebody stop me, now!!

1 comment:

Cliff said...

:)..u are nuts...i admire ppl who run ultras....

but it is all perspective.i mean.42 km use to be far..but once u do is not that far..there are ppl i know who run a marathon distance as long runs ;O..

nuts huh?