Monday, April 03, 2006

Lazy bum!

Still queasy today, I called in sick and spent most of the day in bed. I thought I would steal an idea from Cliff and use an appropriate Homer image. I'll probably go back to work tomorrow, but put off running for another day. My legs need to recharge. Tried to change the sidebar of my blog page a bit, with my limited HTML knowledge (cut, paste, edit link).

Since I had time to reflect today, I started thinking about what I am going to do after the marathon. Having just finished reading Hal Hidgon's book, I want to recover properly and avoid the post-marathon blues. So, I thought that it would be a good idea to think of new goals. I am finding that marathon training takes up too much time...even at this point in my life, when my work and family commitments are minimal. I'm not married, no kids, and I work 8 to 4. But I still find it hard to get the long runs in. I don't want to neglect my Tony, and I still want to judge skating (there's a competition this weekend, even though it's off-season). So, I think I might scale back the distance and work on on new PR's for the 10k and half marathon. No ultras for me yet...maybe never :) If I can clock faster 10k and half marathon times, perhaps I can think about taking a shot at qualifying for Boston in the future. Haha...didn't I just say that running was taking up too much of my time?? ;)

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Cliff said...


I love that pic :D...haha...

How should I start?...well let just say..for u to train it is not impossible. I have never thought I can put in 12 hr of week training. This is including commuting to Markham and suaga to work, Church and leading my Fellowship. When i was training for 7-8 hours, I thought anymore is impossible. Then I start training for 10 hours. And now I am hitting 12 :O. Nuts.

What I learn is really teach me a lot about living life. I can't waste one minute b/c every min is crucial. This means I focus on thigns that is important to my life. Family, friends, Church.

At the same time i don't over stress myself if schedule is out of whack b/c stressing does no one any good.

Am I encouraging u to keep training for crazy hours? Nope. It is up to you.

There are a lot of ppl i know that has family, job, hobby and still train for Ironman..that's nuts :O. But they still do it. It is a lifestyle

Then there are those that just do tri for fun and do it for social aspect.

Is one better than the other? just depends on how you want to live your life. I am glad you enjoy running and influence Tony into running as well. That's great. If you guys run together, that will be the perfect activity.

My answer might seem a bit umabigous. There is only one person who knows how running (serious or fun) fits into your life. And that person is you. Other than God, no one else know what uwant or see it through your eyes.

Running never take up your life...everything else dose :P..j/k :D