Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My marathon photos are here!

I ordered a CD of all the photos that Brightroom got of me during the Mississauga marathon. It arrived yesterday. Here are some of the shots:

Big hair...can you tell that it was windy?? They got quite a few shots of me and Cliff, which was neat. Well, maybe they got too many of us together...he ruined my pics ;P Hahaha. Just kidding. It was awesome of him to run the last half with me. He certainly kept me motivated. And let's face it...running for 5 hours is just plain boring! So, I was grateful for the company!

This is the first time that I ordered pics from the race photographer. They are quite pricey...the CD was $50 US + $12 for shipping. However, they did get 8 photos of me and it was my first marathon, so I decided to splurge!

I am not feeling well today. I woke up at 5:00 to run before work. I did 8k outside and it felt tough. When I was finished, I saw that I had run it in 51 min, which is quite a fast training run for me. No wonder it felt hard. And I was sick to boot. By the time I had gotten back and showered, I felt pretty bad. I ended up calling in sick and sleeping for most of the day. Given that I haven't slept well or enough in weeks, I shouldn't be surprised that my body is feeling run-down (pun?). Hopefully today's rest will help me.


Cliff said...

I look good ;)

G said...

Nice pics!

You actually look like you're smiling! You usually look too serious most of the time...

It's awesome that you're up to running even when you're sick. If i'm too tired or feeling lazy even, I forgo the running and just sit on the couch... :( I need motivation.