Friday, June 09, 2006

Reduced mileage :(

6.5km on the treadmill today, in 48 min. Pretty slow, but I did run without any walk breaks. My mileage this week is less than 20 km...pretty low compared to my 60+ km weeks during peak marathon training. I'm going to try to put in around 25-30 km weekly as my base training. If I decide to go for a fall half marathon, I will bump that up a bit. I climbed the stairs again to my suite, this time without taking any breaks :) Maybe after awhile I will be able to run up the whole way.

This is the camera that I bought:

Haven't played with it too much yet...need to get a memory card and a case. But so far, it's very cooooool :)


Cliff said...

Hey..are u doing the Toronto waterfront dual? The same place where i did my tri?

Cliff said...

oh u want more clif bar? i am getting some more