Monday, August 07, 2006

Birthday post

It's my birthday. Not a very special day. I woke up at 4am to go with Tony to the airport. It was a tearful goodbye (for me) as we will have to spend the rest of the month without each other. Then I went to work.

I ran yesterday. I got lost in the streets of Mulhouse and ended up doing 10.2 km. I had only intended to do about 7-8 km. European streets are not at all easy to navigate. Tony suggested that I follow the tram tracks that go around the city next time...I think I'll try that. Anyways, the run didn't feel too bad, and I am not sore today. Two days before I did my first run since leaving Toronto (11 days of no running)...about 5 km during my lunch break. I must say, it felt good. And my knee is not bothering me at's great :)

Yesterday, we drove along the route des vins (wine route). The website said that it is easy to navigate...wrong!! We got lost several times. Definitely not enough signs. And I felt pretty uncertain, because I saw very few wineries with English on their signs, so I wondered if they would be able to speak to us. We finally chose one of the bigger looking ones, and yes, the man spoke English (now if only I could remember what the winery name was...Tony took the 2 bottles we bought :P). We tried 6 reisling, 4 pinot gris and a rose cremant. Mmmmm.

There were quite a few cyclists and even a few runners on the wine route. It certainly is beautiful...but scary. The road is one-way in each direction and gets pretty darn narrow when it winds through the towns...and sometimes the corners are totally blind. I was glad that Tony was driving :P

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Happy Birthday!!

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