Tuesday, August 15, 2006

failed LSD

I had a bad run yesterday. My intention was to go out for a short (5-6km) run, but if I felt good I would turn it into a 10-12km run. I took a gel and water with me just in case. It was showering off and on, so I got wet...not such a big deal. I tried heading the same way that Angie and I went the other day, because there seemed to be trails there. I found trails, but they were all pretty short and some were muddy. Great. I passed a bunch of kids on bikes and they hooted at me. Wonderful. I was vaguely afraid that they would chase me, but they didn't. Then, the showers turned into a downpour as I scurried back to the hotel...trying to ignore the stares from people. Yes people, runners do still run in the rain. Did about 5.25 km in total.

So, I was frustrated, but still determined to get a long-ish run in. I searched the web and found a cycling route from the train station to a campsite about 12 km away. I didn't think that it was an actual path, but at least it was a route I could try (not the full distance...24km round trip would be too much at this point). Okay. So I tried. Of course, I ended up making a wrong turn somewhere and got slightly lost, so I followed the signs back to Mulhouse. I managed to get 9.2 km in, but I felt tired, sore and frustrated again.

Well, I have only 2.5 more weeks here. If I don't manage to get any runs longer than 9-10 km in, I suppose it would be okay. Safety and not getting lost is more important!

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Kewl Nitrox said...

I run in showers too, but like you will call it quite when it pours. No fun running around with sloshing shoes.