Sunday, August 13, 2006

rain, rain and more rain

My friend Angie and I managed to get about 5 km in yesterday, after being distracted by the Mulhouse market. Lots of fresh, cheap fruits and veggies, cheese, meats, well as purses, clothing and rolls of gorgeous fabric. We bought a couple each of peaches, bananas and nectarines for under $ contrast to the $5 we spent on 2 peaches in Basel yesterday.

We were lucky that we got our run in before the rain came. We went to Colmar today, and it was so cold that I had to buy a sweater. 14C in August just seems wrong. Colmar is such a pretty's a pic. I have Monday and Tuesday off since Tuesday is a French holiday, so hopefully I will get an LSD in between the rain showers :)

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Cliff said...

Run between the rain showers..

doesn't rain makes u run fasteR? :)..