Sunday, August 27, 2006

Non-fumeurs SVP

One unfortunate thing about being in Europe is the abundance of smokers. Smoking is practically illegal in Toronto these can't smoke in bars, restaurants or any enclosed space. Here, people smoke in bars, restaurants, in the office, in your face...etc. Ugh. Today I was out for what I had planned to be a fast walk with a bit of jogging thrown in...but it ended up being an actual run, doing 10 and 1's, for 5 km. My bad. I did take it very slowly though, and I felt pretty good. So, hopefully I didn't do my immune system any harm. Anyways, as I was jogging back towards the city centre, a scruffy-looking man was walking towards me on the sidewalk, pulling out a cigarette. As I passed him, he said "Madame, s'il vous plait...s'il vous plait?" to which I just gave him the evil eye and didn't break my stride. My guess was that he was going to ask me for a light. For real? Here I was, jogging, carrying nothing, and he thinks to try to stop me and ask for a light? Despite the abundance of smokers, I have yet to see anyone smoking while running.

To confirm my suspicion of what the scruffy man was going to ask me, an equally scruffy man tried to ask me for a cigarette while I was out walking later in the afternoon. This time, I was wearing sunglasses and a hat, so I just completely ignored him and kept walking. Non-fumeurs, SVP!!! I was on my way to the Mulhouse zoo this time. I saw lions and tigers and bears (oh my), and also cheetahs! Ah, how nice it would be to run like a cheetah :)

So, I am not 100% healthy yet, but probably ok to continue with short runs (5-6km). Will probably try to run a couple of times before I leave France early Friday morning. It is almost time to go home :)

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