Saturday, August 26, 2006

Too much time on my hands, donc...

I am one of those people who complains when they have too much to do, but given some free time, they complain of boredom. As I am resting my body and giving it a chance to recover from my flu/cold, I am bored. After spending way too much time napping and browsing the running forums, I decided to think about my race schedule for 2007. Yes, I do realize that it's only August. But what's a stalled runner to do when she can't run? Dream about the days when she will be in top shape, of course :)

So, here are the races that I am considering so far (half marathon length or longer...I might sign up for 10k races on a whim):

Chilly Half Marathon, March 4, 2007...had a blast last year

Around the Bay 30km, March 25, 2007...I've never done a 30k race

Marathon des Deux Rives (Quebec city marathon), August 26, 2007...I've never been to Quebec City

Those are some events that I think would be realistic for next year...I would love to run marathons in more exotic locations, but that would require more planning. In the US, I would like to try out the Las Vegas marathon, the Chicago marathon, NYC marathon and the Alaska marathon. Internationally, who knows? Tokyo? Great Wall? Paris? Zurich? I would also love to run a race in every Canadian province. However, I doubt that I could run more than one marathon a year, if that...knowing how difficult and time-consuming the training was for the one marathon that I have completed, I wouldn't want to constantly be in marathon training mode. Also, after completing the marathon, I believe that it took about 6 weeks before my training started feeling normal again. Doing both spring and fall marathons would be tough.

I guess that my out-of-town races don't have to all be marathons...but somehow, marathons are just so much more special :)

I also know that my training will revolve around my personal and professional life. I honestly don't know how people, particularly women, can manage a career, a marriage, children and serious training. And being the type of person that I am, I want it all :) I guess only time will tell.

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Cliff said...

Race and travel at the same time.that's my goal too :)...

except i am planning to do Ironman.. :)..