Sunday, September 10, 2006

Running "naked"

Went down to the Martin Goodman trail for my LSD today and...I forgot Garmin!!! Ack! No GPS? No HRM? How am I going to know my split times, my effort level, my...ok ok. I had to face it...I was going to have to run "naked," sans Garmin, sans HRM, sans watch. Yeah, I didn't even have a watch. However, I know that my usual out-and-back route is about 12-13 km, so I knew that I couldn't cheat on distance. Tony brought his bike down and went back and forth on the trail as I ran with a friend. Our arrival on the trail was perfectly timed with the Weekend to End Breast Cancer crowd...hundreds of pink clad people marching towards their goal. It was neat to see them...but of course, it made the trail very congested.

We ran, sometimes chatting, sometimes in silence. For once, I wasn't watching my pace and my HR. I have only a vague idea of how long I ran for (normally I account for every single second!). And it ended up being a fantastic run...I finished stronger than I started, feeling like I could have kept going. I guess it's good to run naked every once in while ;)

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Cliff said...

Sometimes it is good to have no number and just let yourself go... :)..