Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Moving Forward

Okay, I've made some decisions.

ATB: no go. I'll run it some day. But, I've already signed up for Chilly and I'm hoping to make it an "A" race (Cliff, you are going to pace me, right??). I will need to recover afterwards and probably won't be ready for a 30k.

NCM: I'll do the half marathon. It is more logical for me to train for a full marathon over the summer, when my work schedule will be lighter. So, I will aim for either Marathon des deux rives or Toronto waterfront.

Since my marathon will be later in the year, I will probably pick up a 10k race in the fall rather than a half marathon...maybe the Toronto Zoo Run or the Angus Glen 10k.

I've also decided to get a lactate test done. I have been toying with the idea of getting a coach, but I think I will get the lactate test done and see what this information does for me first.

As for triathlons, Kewl Nitrox...I have to admit that I've been thinking about getting a bike. I don't think I'll actually buy one until I have a place to store it...which means after I buy a house...which could be a very long time :P But yes, I am thinking about getting into the cycling thing. Swimming, however, is not the picture at this point :)

1 comment:

Cliff said...

Who say u need to swim to be a triathlete...

just do what i do....float :)...

yay.i can't wait to do half chili.

I pace u? Isn't u pace me? :0..

Yeah let see what the latec test shows....