Friday, June 06, 2008


This pretty much sums up my feelings about swimming:

Yes, I tried to swim today. I bought a Nike swimsuit from Costco for $30 a week ago and went to the pool for lane swim today. I was able to go during the day, so it wasn't too busy. I went to the SLOW lane and bravely tried to do the front crawl that I learned in swimming lessons as an 8-year-old. *Cough cough* *Sputter* That stings! Water up my nose! Okay, keep going. By the time I got to the other end (25m), I was breathing heavily and my arms were sore. Okay, that was just sad. And apparently, I don't like putting my face in the water. I don't like getting water up my nose! I continued, doing mostly backstroke, for about 30min. I had to pause at the end of each length...mostly because I was tired, but also because I had to psyche myself up to get going again. I swam a total of 600m. I didn't enjoy it.

Maybe I am not destined to become a triathlete. Then again, did I really enjoy running at first? No, but I stuck with it and was encouraged by my gradual improvement. If I can drag myself to the pool again, maybe I will do a little better next time.

I am determined to cross-train. Swimming should help to tone my upper body (I need to look good in my strapless wedding dress in 3.5 months...), and cycling should help with my leg strength. I don't have a bike yet, so I am using the stationary bike for now. My current training schedule looks like:

Mon - bike 30 min
Tues - run 30 min
Wed - off
Thurs - run 30 min
Fri - swim 30 min
Sat - run 45 min
Sun - off

The run times will increase as I feel more confident in my IT band. The bike time is limited by my lunchbreak, but the swim time may increase once I get the hang of swimming. If I do end up buying a bike, I will probably throw in a ride on the weekend.

I hope that my new training approach will keep me injury-free!


laura - dolcepics said...

It's great to hear you're expanding your workout regime. I hear you about the swimming and not liking water up the nose (and ears and eyes)... how do ppl do it???? But my biggest deterrent to swimming (besides the whole wearing a swim suit part) is the fact that I'm blind as a bat without my glasses! Can't see a thing!

Best wishes with your swimming though. I'm glad to hear you'll duke it out. =)

Karen said...

Okay, I can really relate to not enjoying swimming! I am not a great swimmer, but love to run and cycle. I am alternating my training days - running, cycling and that seems to be working for me. It has been hard getting back into training - does it ever get any easier? I think not.......Keep training!