Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weekly training summary

I had a decent training week. But I think that I have gained a couple of pounds, so it is time to pay attention to what I'm eating...oops!

Mon - 4.2km/35 min walk/jog on the treadmill, average pace 8:20/km
Tues - 11km/30 min stationary bike
Thurs - 4.5km/33 min jog outside, 7:23/km
Fri - 600m/30min swim (my first attempt at lane swim)
Sun - 6km/46 min jog in "feels like" 34degC, 7:42/km

Totals: Run 14.7 km, Bike 11 km, Swim 600m

Modest totals, but this was my first ever week of multi-sport training! Today`s 6km run was my longest since the marathon. I actually have a bit of soreness in my hamstring rather than my IT band (I`s actually the back on my leg just above my knee, towards the outside). It wasn`t really my leg that was preventing me from having a good run was the heat! I started off running for 20 min straight, then 10 min, then 5. The heat was just too intense. I suppose I`ll have to run at 6am rather than 9am next time. Or, just stay inside on the treadmill :)

I`m trying not to feel discouraged about my slow running paces, considering that I am just starting to run again. Funny, when I was doing the runs, I was happy just to be running. When I look back at my totals, I feel a little unhappy. I know that I shouldn`t worry about pace for now...


Melanie said...

great job getting out there, this heat in insane!!! you're right, don't worry about pace, or total mileage, get healthy again and you'll be back in no time... and your cross-training with definitely help :) i know how you feel too when you said it's just nice getting back out there, amazing how we miss it when we can't...

Marci said...

No don't feel bad. It is awful hot out now. Pacing should go out the window, and it will only make you stronger. Also, I am tagging you!

Cliff said...

I saw your swimming post.

Congrats, that's how i feel after my first swim :)

3 lengths, that's how much i can do.

Marlene said...

I remember how giddy I was when I was finally able to run again after my ITBS kept me off the road for a few weeks. Enjoy being able to run! Screw pace for now... it will improve in time.