Sunday, April 19, 2009

I registered for... first tri!

I'm going to do the Lakeside Give-it-a-tri on June 7 (300m/10km/2km).

Went to the pool this morning and decided to try a 300m time trial. This was quite a step for me, as I think the longest I have swam without taking a break is 150m. I am embarrassed to say that I cannot keep track of those multi-hand clocks, so I just looked at the regular clock. It went better than I thought. I did panic a bit halfway through and felt like I was running out of breath, so after 200m I swam on my back for a few meters, gathered my breath, and continued with the front crawl. I finished in just under 9min, maybe 8:50 or so. With 7 weeks until my event, I hope that I can improve that time a little.

I started riding outside this week. Three times, in fact! My lack of speed is frustrating, though. I average 20km/h on my rides, without fail. That will definitely put me at the back of the pack in a tri. Anyone out there have cycling tips for me?

Now, how can I continue to work hard on my swimming and biking without letting my running slide??? Training three sports is hard :(


Cliff said...

Welcome to the tri-club :D..

If swim and bike is your weaker side, thsi just means u will kill them on the run :D

Freckles said...

The Lakeside GIT was great! I will check the date to see if i can come cheer.

Marlene said...

Good to hear from you. It's been a while. :) Congrats on signing up for the tri!