Thursday, June 18, 2009

How can I get faster on the bike?

First attempt at pushing harder on the bike yesterday...10 min easy, 10 min "hard" effort, 10 min easy. Ended up doing 12.66k in just under 36min (21.3kph). Speed during "tempo" portion was 24kph. Okay, it's a starting point...and it was quite windy out there. Would be nice if I could average around 25kph over 20k during a tri. Then I wouldn't be quite so far behind starting the run :)


Cliff said...

Tri bike will do the trick :P

hehe....I find i get stronger doing hill repeats.

This year, I've been doing some harder set on the bike. Like grind at bigger gears and holding as much as I can. We shall see how this translate to improve speed on race day.

Sonia said...

I find picking up the pace to pass people on the cycling path is doing it for me.... its all about competition and I think you got that well covered LOL