Friday, July 09, 2010

The post-partum body

I've heard many women say that their body shape is completely different after having a baby...bigger bust, wider hips, stubborn baby pouch, etc. Some of my friends advised me not to try on my pre-pregnancy clothes too early after giving birth, because it would be discouraging. Remember, your body has undergone a tremendous change in order to create life, and it will take some time to get back to "normal." In fact, your definition of "normal" may have to change after having a child(ren). Being cognizant of this, I put most of my pre-pregancy clothes away in a box in the basement about halfway into my pregnancy. A few days ago, still about 8 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight, I pulled the box out.

Shirts? No way in heck I could wear those. Not while I am still nursing, anyway. Pants and shorts that were on the big side before? Yes, I can wear those. Woohoo. Well, woohoo except for the muffin top. Gah. Pant that *just* fit or were a little on the small side before? I can't believe that I used to wear them. It's not just the baby pouch that is the problem, the expanded hips and butt appear to be in the way. Guess I will have to work a little harder on those areas. Mommy and Baby Fitness Classes have been helpful in that department, but I guess I should be doing the butt and abs work more than once a week. I've never been good with doing strength work on my own, though. Perhaps I should dust off the Wii Fit.

Running has been going well. It has been crazy hot this week, with the humidex over 40C. I managed a 7k run last weekend (early in the morning), which was my longest post-partum run to date. I also ran 4k on the treadmill late Wednesday night, with no walk breaks. Yay for continuous running! If I am feeling good, I might go for 8k this weekend.

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